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Concierge Lifestyle Medicine

Our practice is a concierge lifestyle health care model. In our practice you become a “member” and in return you get benefits above what we could  offer otherwise. Benefits include: 24/7 access – including cellphone, no-rush same-day appointments, true wellness and chronic health monitoring, executive-level physicals, and so on.   I can provide these services to you because instead of having to care for on average 2000-4000 patients, I limit my practice to approximately 400 patients with time and resources that they couldn’t do otherwise given the realities of independent healthcare.  

Paragon Private Health is my partner and is an expert at helping physicians stay independant and manage this model of care. Their involvement ensures that the level of service is maintained and that patients are getting quality care. 

Our Concierge Services

Here is a list of features included within our concierge membership program.


  • Unhurried, on-time office visits with minimal to no wait
  • Executive-level exam – A comprehensive executive annual physical examination (This examination is in addition to, and includes services not provided as part of, the initial Medicare preventive physical and annual wellness visit and any similar services covered by private insurance plans.)
  • Refill and referral requests handled same day when received during normal practice hours


  • Direct physician communication outside practice hours, via cell phone or text
  • Same day or next day office visits
  • Unhurried, on-time office visits with minimal to no wait
  • After hours contact for urgent needs
  • Enhanced support, guidance, and coordination of care during/after hospitalizations
  • Paperwork and documentation filled out by physician with no charges
  • Detailed reports/information sent to consultants prior to your visit with consultant
  • Review and discussion of consultation and procedure reports
  • Scheduling of appointments with sub-specialists, testing, and hospitals
  • Secure internet patient portal


  • Nutrition counseling
  • Cooking lessons, recipes, and healthy eating courses
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Exercises Classes
  • Lifestyle & integrative medical alternatives along with internal medicine approaches
  • Coordination of care as deemed medically necessary
  • Health events including Walk With A Doc and educational seminars

Gold Program

  • Medical Grade Genetic Testing & Counseling With A Board Certified Genetic Counselor

Our Featured Services

Executive Level Annual Physical

An annual executive-level physical, which includes the following:

  • Complete medical history and thorough evaluation/review of all medications
  • Comprehensive preventive care examinations and tests not covered by insurance.

Chronic Disease Management

We offer comprehensive chronic disease management and help patients control health problems that could become serious if not given the proper attention. Typical chronic diseases are the following:

  • Hypertension Management
  • Obesity Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • High Cholesterol Management
  • Heart Disease Management
  • Thyroid Disease Management:Hypothyroidism
  • Depression Management Stress and/or Anxiety Management
  • Insomnia Management

nutritional ed3
Nutrition education

Dr. Nathan encourages her patients to consume whole foods plant based diet with minimal added sugars and fats. She believes that most of us will make the right choice when provided with the answer to the “Why?” She accomplishes this by educating the patients about the ill effects of chronic medical conditions and showing them how it can be prevented, halted and sometimes reversed. Nutrition education is embedded in almost every visit, there are also Nutrition Class Series and group sessions that are offered periodically.

Mindfulness education

Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) helps the body by improving the immune system and heart function. It also helps with better tolerance or reaction to chronic pain. Research has proven that MBSR also helps lower anxiety and alleviate relapse into depression and addiction.The practice of Mindfulness helps us feel compassion for ourselves and others and helps us feel more connected. Dr. Nathan helps introduce various concepts of Mindfulness training to her patients and also provides them with materials and referrals to meet their needs.

Same day and next day appointments

Your membership allow us to treat immediate acute problems such as coughs, flu, sore throats, stomach ache, sprains and other common medical complaints. In addition, the following ailments often require immediate sick visit: Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract Infection, Gastroenteritis, Skin Infections, Allergies, Etc...

Laboratory Services

Pre-operative services:

We perform a comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment prior to a surgical procedure. This involves determining the patient’s ability to exercise and assess cardiopulmonary symptoms and signs. EKG tests and lab tests are done as required as a part of this service. Pharmacologic measures may be discussed to prevent perioperative VTE. A thorough medication review is performed and adjusted to accommodate the surgery. Post-surgery follow-ups are scheduled to re-adjust the medication as required.

The following diagnostic and laboratory tests are offered in house: Comprehensive blood work, Urine test, Breath Test For Helicobacter Pylori, Stool test, Hearing and Vision screening, and 12 lead EKG tests